Why Would Joining Benefit You?

Monthly: General Meeting

Listen to Speakers, share experiences, play games, learn something new and have a night out with other moms!  We meet every 3rd Monday of the month at Mary Immaculate Hospital in Newport News, VA.

Monthly Play Dates

​Join us for a monthly playdate at Hampton Healthy Families in Hampton, VA where we get together and our children can play in a structured environment.  We meet every 3rd Saturday of the month.

Quarterly Newsletter

Receive monthly newsletters that inform you of event, children’s programs, socials, and member news


Members will be added to a private Facebook group where they can post questions to other parents in the area.  It is a great way for parents to keep in touch`, have questions answered, have worried relieved, and find fellowship and a “village”

Children/Family Activities

Socialize with our picnics, BBQ’s, holiday parties, themed nights,monthly playdates, and impromptu fun get togethers.

Semi-Annual Consignment Sale

Buy and/or Sell clothing and equipment at our semi-annual consignment sale!